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Resolving pain, stress and relaxation issues since 1997!

By appointment only.

Eldred Community Center, 516 Kunkletown Road
Kunkletown, PA 18058
(570) 807-8426

Menu of Services

Soothe tired muscles! Calm the busy mind! Relaxation massage and energizing Reiki sessions tailored to your needs of the day.

Therapeutic Services

Make massage and energy therapy the cornerstone of your self-care plan. Swedish and Reiki serve as the basis for longer, more specific work. We identify your issues, and get you feeling better, fast. Reclaim your active days and productive life!

Swedish Massage

When you think of massage, this is it! Swedish uses kneading and long, flowing strokes, always moving toward the heart. Massage therapy helps manage pain, calm blood pressure, and reduce stress. Cultivate a relaxed approach to each day. Feel soothed in both muscle and mind.

Reiki Session

Reiki taps into Universal Life Force energy, or chi, which constantly flows around and through us. By gently touching or hovering over your body, that energy flows directly through me into you. Reiki supports efficient function of the seven chakras, or energy vortexes, of the body. No disrobing necessary. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Energetically, like coming home!

Swedish Massage / Reiki

45 minutes = $50
60 minutes = $60


Spa Services

Customize every visit! Extend your enjoyment, and zero in on your issues, with additional spa services. When booked as stand-alone sessions, no disrobing necessary. New to massage or energy work? Each spa service is a perfect introduction!

Kansa Wand Face Massage

This Ayurvedic tool, capped in sacred bronze, detoxifies the skin. Kansa wand sessions reduce puffiness and inflammation. Pure jojoba oil nourishes the skin; or choose specially formulated, hypoallergenic skin cream. Please wear a shirt that exposes the neck, and refrain from wearing make up to this session. Followed with ice mask. Renew the face, refresh the body!
20 minutes = $25

Scalp Massage

Nothing loosens fascia and frees the mind like a head massage! Stimulates oxygenated blood flow to the head. Feel your tension dissipate while chronically tight muscles unwind and relax. Helps retrain the muscle response that causes TMJ. No oils are used (unless requested). Please refrain from using any hair products prior to your session. Emerge with new clarity and comfort!
20 minutes = $25

Heat Wave Stone Massage

Like Japanese hot stone, but no messy dripping. Heated, glazed ceramic tools glide over your loose clothing. Penetrating heat warms and unravels knotted muscles. Targeted attention unwinds even your tightest knots. Melt away tension and stress. Vaso-dialating heat speeds fresh nutrients to chronically painful areas. Get your sore spots ironed out!
15 minutes = $20
30 minutes = $40

Reiki Blast!

An energizing battery recharge! Let pure life force energy pour through and help balance your chakras. Reiki can be calming and peaceful . . . invigorating and energizing. Tapping directly into fresh chi energy, Reiki will always flow to your highest need. Ideal for opening or closing any session!
15 minutes = $20
30 minutes = $40

Mini Face Massage with Shiatsu

Gently focused pressure on facial acupressure points opens up energetic channels. Massage strokes increase circulation to the face. Enjoy the hypoallergenic face cream, specially formulated for your delicate skin. Decongest and breathe. Please wear a shirt that exposes the neck, and refrain from wearing make up to this session. Followed with ice mask. Leave feeling pampered and refreshed!
15 minutes = $20
30 minutes = $40

Mini Hand Massage with Trigger Point Therapy

Recharge those overworked hands! Massage strokes bring soothing relaxation. Reducing trigger points can lessen pain in distant locations. Increased circulation restores flexibility. Feel stiffness fade while tension eases. Please wear sleeves that roll up easily. Negotiate each day with more comfort and confidence!
15 minutes = $20
30 minutes = $40

Mini Foot Massage with Reflexology

Within the feet is a map of the human body. Each organ, gland and tissue is connected to specific areas of the feet. Pressing corresponding reflex points helps to restore balance from head to toe. No wonder a foot massage makes you feel good all over! Please wear pant legs that roll up easily. Give your sore, tired feet the attention they deserve!
15 minutes = $20
30 minutes = $40



These specialty services offer maximum fun and relaxation! Keep that promise – to yourself, and each other – to take the time to unwind and rejuvenate. Get ready to unplug and revive!

“Side-by-Side” Couples Massage

Your couples escape! Share the entire massage experience together. No more comparing notes on the drive home. A relaxing session, where your therapeutic needs are addressed. Bask in romantic music. Enjoy a tiny oasis of calm. Advance booking required; subject to availability of second LMT. A most thoughtful gift!

60 minutes = $140; 75 minutes = $170

“Takes Two to Tango!” Couples Massage Lesson

A seasoned instructor teaches you and your partner safe, enjoyable massage skills you can perform at home. Together, you learn massage basics and important safety tips. Get your questions answered immediately. Book again each year on your anniversary for a refresher. Take home a cheat sheet to ensure ongoing success and fun!

75 minutes = $100

Distance Reiki Treatment

Effective, legitimate therapy without leaving your home? Yes! Focused intent and intuitive skill allow me to direct energy to you, no matter your location! Don’t let mobility or transportation issues keep you from beneficial treatment. No contra-indications – Reiki is safe for everyone. Includes follow-up email with detailed session notes. A uniquely relaxing and energizing service, from the privacy of your own home!

Approx 60 minutes = $75

The BMET, llc Story:

A vision twenty years in the making!

When I began massage therapy school in 1997, the immediate goal was private practice. Instead, I logged fifteen years in resort spa massage. My knack for turning first-timers into massage devotees earned me a long list of faithful guests who requested me year after year.

Perhaps helping others is in my blood! My grandfather and great-grandfather were both distinguished dentists. My father, an ENT surgeon in practice fifty years, was one of the top allergy specialists in the nation. I am proud to be the fourth-generation in private practice helping folks regain control over their health.

Are you fed up with do-nothing tests, go-nowhere protocols, and meds that make you more ill? You deserve to begin again, from a fresh perspective. Get back in touch with your body. Make massage and energy healing your path to your better health!

Come see us at the Eldred Community Center, Kunkletown, PA. Enjoy our quality services, performed with compassion and skill. Don’t wait to improve mobility, reduce stress and pain, or deepen your healing relaxation. Call today to begin enjoying the improved health you deserve!

Please be advised!

Pregnancy Precautions:

Because this service raises core temperature, Heat Wave Stone massage sessions will not be available during pregnancy. When booking Mini Hand or Mini Foot spa services, please advise if pregnant. All pregnancy safety precautions will be taken.

Scent-Free Zone:

This therapy room is designated scent-free. No aromatherapy will be offered. Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes, strong cologne, or scented laundry products to your session. Please do not arrive smelling of smoke or nicotine. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Allergic Precautions:

Please advise your LMT of any food or chemical allergies before your session begins. This may dictate the massage oil or gel products that will best serve your needs.

Policies and Payment:

Payment due when services rendered. Cash, check or PayPal accepted. Sorry, no credit cards or insurance at this time. Thank you for your patronage!

Prices and services subject to change without notice.

Please make every effort to give 24-hour notice to cancel a session. A repeated short cancel or no-show appointment will be billed in full.

In consideration of your LMT and other clients, please be punctual for your sessions.

All clients must be at least 18 years of age. Younger clients must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to sign consent forms. This adult must remain in the treatment room for the duration of the entire session, in accordance with PA law.

DISCLAIMER: These services are for relaxation only. No diagnosis, treatment or cure is promised or performed. For your safety, you must advise your LMT of any and all medical conditions, as well as prescription medications. If you are having a medical issue or emergency, immediately call your physician, go to the emergency room, or dial 911.

By appointment only.

Gift certificates available in any dollar amount!

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